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Hardee gluten free

They have a firm commitment to creating clear solutions for their customers who have allergies. You can use it to ensure you minimize your exposure to gluten. They have a range of breakfast bowls, burgers, sides, and drinks for you to choose from. It comes with eggs, sausage, swiss cheese — all topped with an omelet, cheddar, and bacon bits.

The price of the meal depends on the location that you visit. It comes with meat, cheese, onion, ketchup, mustard, and pickle. Make sure to request that it comes in a lettuce bun if you want to avoid gluten. It comes with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

As someone who is gluten intolerant, you know how hard it is to find fries that you can eat. There are more and more fast food chains that are beggining to offer gluten free menu options.

hardee gluten free

Gone are the days that you need to restrict the places you can eat — there are plenty of options now available. With gluten free and lettuce buns becoming available, eating burgers is becoming a more viable option. It first opened its doors inbut now has over 5, locations spread throughout the country.

Menu prices and items shown on Menu-Price. All prices, items and descriptions detailed on Menu-Price. Use of restaurant logos and company trademarks on Menu-Price. All logos and trademarks are property of their respective companies, and Menu-Price. Hardee's Gluten Free Menu Prices. All Rights Reserved.You've found your Celiac Tribe!

Hardee’s Gluten-Free Options? Sketchy at Best

I cannot find gluten information anywhere on the Hardee's website anymore. I found the nutrition section, but it didn't say anything about allergens. Does anyone know if Hardee's burgers no bun, obviously or fries would be safe? Also, the chili cheese fries look great, but I have been afraid to try them without a gluten free menu. Oh, I know fast food restaurants are a cross contamination nightmare, but when traveling it just can't be helped much.

We love Wendy's, but I was looking for something different now and then. Wendy's was a favorite even before gluten free and it jumped quickly to the top of the list. I was afraid Hardee's wouldn't have anything. Dh likes it, but I guess it will have to stay a work-lunch stop. You're right, there is no more gluten-free info on the Hardee's website!!! They have a low-carb burger that used to be listed on the gluten free menu.

It was served in a lettuce pocket and I used to get it occasionally as a lunch treat. The last 2 or 3 times I ordered it couple of months apart I got glutened, so of course I gave it up a few months ago. I thought perhaps it was a cc issue at the one Hardees I visited. Now I wonder if they changed grill sprays, or something that causes it to no longer be gluten free. I react to truly trace amounts of gluten so who knows Hardee's no longer works for me and they used to.

hardee gluten free

The low-carb Thickburger definitely was gluten-free, but I haven't checked on it or had one a in a while. The fries definitely are NOT gluten-free because there's no dedicated fryer. Wow, I didn't know Hardee's were still around. All of the ones in our area went ou a few years ago. CC is a big risk. Sorry their website is not very helpful. Some of us on here should get together and make our own grab and go dining facility.

We would always have company!!! BTW, if you really want to eat there, you should check on that low-carb Thickburger.

Gluten Free at Hardee's

IMO it's better than a burger with a bun -- and a whole lot fewer calories, sodium, and fat. Not healthful mind you, but an improvement. Also check on the low-carb breakfast bowl. It reads as if it should be gluten-free. Oh YES!! I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to write the company, but if someone does, I'd love to hear their reply. If it's still gluten free, I still won't return to the location convenient to me, but I'll give other locations a go when I travel.

I can't help but wonder though if there's been some change. I used to always eat it with never a problem. Then suddenly, several months ago, I was definitely glutened about 3 times in a row, several weeks or more apart. Of course my original assumption could have been correct, second-hand glutening my entire experience was with one specific location.They advertise a gluten-sensitive menu which only consists of three items.

However, they note that they operate a shared cooking environment and cross-contamination can occur with any of their food. If you have Celiac Disease or severe gluten intolerance, this might not be the best place to go. This company is the brainchild of Wilbur Hardee and first began operations in Greenville, North Carolina on September 3, About 5 months later, they had their first franchise and have since expanded throughout the years to become a favorite brand among many people, especially in the Southeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States.

In recent years, the restaurant has been expanding its portfolio by opening new locations in the Northeast after decades of focusing only on Midwest and Southeast territories.

Cross contamination is also a definite possibility. We have updated the menu above regarding their french fries. They do list wheat in them now, whether it is from cross contamination or an actual ingredient, they are not safe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Hardee's Gluten-Free Menu. User Review 1 1 vote. Twitter Facebook Pinterest. All restaurant and fast food trademarks, service marks, trade names, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners. By visiting nogluten.The chain got in touch with me through Twitter today to let me know it offers several gluten-free menu items. It also got in touch with the other gluten-free publications and bloggers on Twitter to spread the word. The fries and the breakfast bowl are also gluten free.

The website warns you to stay away from the onion rings and chicken, which both contain gluten.

Hardee’s Gluten-Free Menu

The charbroiled chicken breast has a W because it seasoned and glazed with wheat-containing soy sauce. And the country potatoes and the crispy curls contain wheat flour. But the mashed potatoes, coleslaw and most of the ice cream are among the items that appear to be gluten-free.

The one downside is that allergen guide notes that the restaurant does not have an allergen-free environment in the kitchen.

Reacting to #CarnivoreDiet Posts - How Crazy Has it Gotten?

It would be nice if they already make the fries in separate oil. But if dedicated fryers are not used, perhaps the company would be willing to show just how serious it is about meeting gluten-free needs by switching to them.

Learn more about the health and medical experts who who provide you with the cutting-edge resources, tools, news, and more on Gluten-Free Living. Our experience with Gluten Free meets fast food has not been positive. The issue comes down to training of the employees which is difficult given the turnover.

We ordered a burger — no bun and distinctly told the cashier this because our daughter is allergic to wheat — gluten free. Word did not immediately filter down the line until we saw the food clerk take the burger off the bun and put it into a plastic container and then claim it never touched the bread. My daughter saw the whole thing and now will not eat out on the road.

The issue is training of the line worker that this would make the customer very ill due to cross contamination. The restaurant policy needs to make it OK to scrap the order and start fresh. Not penalize the worker for wasting a burger. Rick, These are all good points. It comes down to spreading awareness about the gluten-free diet so workers and restaurant managers understand how serious a problem cross contamination is. In that conversation you could emphasize that restaurant policy should make it OK to scrap the order and start fresh.

And you would be doing your part to spread awareness. Always ask!

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Your email address will not be published.I've ordered the low carb thick burger as mentioned on a gluten free website.

It means it is wrapped in lettuce instead of bun. It was yummy. I don't eat lettuce so ask them for a fork. Prior to that I had the bacon burger with no bun. One day I asked if fries were cooked in seperate oil and they said the fries have separate fryer machine.

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Fries are good too. I've had their hashbrowns several times and their bunless burgers and fries several times with no problems. Soy is my biggest digestive issue and I've had no problems at the Ardmore, Tennessee location. My gluten issues are not primarily digestive bloating and mental fog so hope this helps you decide whether to visit. Employees are always very kind. I've only been through drive through recently; no dining in. There is a Allergen menu on the Hardee's corporate website.

Manager was so nice, informative, and helpful. The Manager made sure that everything was sterilized before starting on our order and gloves were changed. All burgers can be changed over to a lettuce wrap and the fries have a dedicated fryer so no cross contamination. Will definitely be going there more often. Spoke with the manager to find out if this location had a dedicated fryer and the manager as well as all staff on had never heard of gluten.

They checked the ingredients of their thick burger, and made it without a bun, with a lettuce wrap. Ate here for the second time, and got the same thing, but I ended up very sick. If you're in need of something quick, their burgers can be made GF. The only thing cooked on the grill are burgers, so you can get any burger without a bun. For me, the best option to ensure no cross contamination or confusion, is to order their low carb thickburger.

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hardee gluten free

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Hardee's Gluten Free Menu Prices

We have reached out to the Service Dept. Thank you for your patience. Yes No Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Everything was perfect,they have a good communication we the client,and pront attention Ludiniva L. Yes No Share on Facebook Share on Twitter I was in and out in the time promised.

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